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What we do:

We specialize in breweries and brewpubs. However, the things that we enjoy about those kind of projects - the reworking of existing uses and structures, the custom nature of the work, and the creation of functional, exciting spaces, are found in many other kinds of projects. Our ultimate satisfaction is seeing our projects work for our clients and for the community, whether gathered in a dining room, classroom, or tasting room. 

John R. O'Connell, RA - Partner

With more than 20 years experience in the field of architecture, he's worked a wide variety of commercial and residential projects, including multi-family housing, loft conversions, historical renovations, retail stores, schools, churches and even surgical suites. He has been a resident of metro Atlanta since graduating from Mississippi State University in 1991.

John has been a homebrewer since 1993 and has been a part of the homebrewing and craft beer scene in Atlanta just as long.

NCARB certified and currently registered in Georgia, Alabama and New Mexico

Jennifer K. O'Connell, Designer/Drafter - Partner

Jennifer uses both her degrees in Computer Automated Design (CAD) and Culinary Arts in many of our projects. She is the natural lead designer on kitchen projects both commercial and residential but assists in all other Fusica projects. 

Being a Co-founder of the Georgia Ale & Lager Sirens she knows (almost) as much as John about brewing and beer. Jennifer is passionate about making Atlanta, the state of Georgia and all of the Southeast a standout in the beer industry.


Office in Downtown Atlanta, GA

Georgia has one of the fasting growing beer scenes in the country. New breweries have been opening as quickly as they can, especially in thriving Atlanta. We chose a space central to Atlanta's large metro area and only a subway (MARTA) ride from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.    


Our focus is to bring about the vision of our clients.


We juggle:

Regulatory and permitting with the needs of clients

Brewing system's function with space restrictions 

1st year build-out with 5th year expansion plans

Industrial areas with community spaces 

Needs of the beers with needs of the drinkers